• Activism
  • Google Ads suggest I join the CIA, FBI or DoD


    Lately I’ve been fascinated with whistle blowers, false flag operations, UFOs and the NSA leaks which keep getting better and better by the day. Recently I’ve also discovered the RT show hosted by Abby Martin called “Breaking the Set” as well as The Truth Seeker (the guy hosting is no joke), and have just discovered […]

  • Earth Balance
  • Building an earthship in Jamaica


    The earthship has landed! Over the past 15 years, green building—sustainable design, green architecture—has made its way towards the top of the global issues list. Today, the concept of building using fewer, renewable resources is championed by hybrid-driving Hollywood stars, architects, and a US ex-vice president. But how do green building techniques, better suited to […]

  • Sustainability
  • Biomimicry: looking to nature to solve human problems

    Biomimicry: looking to nature to solve human problems

    GSB: Guardian Sustainable Business blog Leaf cutter antsgot to BT took inspiration from the behaviour of ants when it redesigned its phone network. Photograph: Gail Shumway/Getty Images Humans have been gaining inspiration from nature for many thousands of years, yet as a formal concept “biomimicry” – which explores how […]